A #FordCanada Daddy-Daughter Getaway

Daddy Daughter Getaway #Fordedge #FordCanada

Daddy-Daughter Getaway: a #FordCanada ‘Go Further’ Roadtrip

Time, like an old friend at a luau, waves ‘Aloha‘ as she passes me by the fire pit in the night. As a father of two growing girls, and thanks to Facebook Memories, I’m reminded of this daily.

Yup - we're jumping for joy! #FordEdge daddy daughter getaway begins!
Yup – we’re jumping for joy! #FordEdge daddy daughter getaway begins!

Images of my daughters as babies and toddlers tweak me that a decade has evaporated right before me. So when Ford Canada invited me to test drive the new Ford Edge Titanium, I jumped at the opportunity to create some new, fun and exciting memories — and what better way then a Daddy-Daughter Road-trip!

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate vehicles, but I’m no vehicle expert. I do however love spending time with my family, especially my kids. Since December of last year we’ve had a ton of practice with road tripping. My wife, two daughters and I have been living out of suitcases as we travel about North America as part of our #WLFMroadtrip. But when it comes to vehicles, I’m not a ‘car guy’. I appreciate the utility aspects of a vehicle, in particular the autonomy and self-reliance it provides me.

Observations from a Non-Car Savvy Guy (a neophyte’s car review)

Our Road-Trip Getaway Chariot #FordEdge #FordCanada #ExploreBC #GoFurther
This was our chariot for the Daddy-Daughter getaway… pretty hot right? #FordEdge

However, when it comes to horse power, speed, torque and the other ‘stuff’, you might as well be telling me about last night’s episode of the Bachelor cause I might be nodding, but I ain’t listening. (sorry Christie) For me, and for the sake of this post, please keep this in mind as I’m a vehicle neophyte (aka big time novice!). I know what I like and appreciate certain features, but all that aside it boils down to 3 things: safety, comfort and scratching my techie itch from time to time.

You have 3 Days, a vehicle, and a deep desire for some fun times. So, what do you do?

Timing was definitely in our favor. We happened to be in Vancouver for a 5-week stop-over from our travels, as well, Christie was away for 3 weeks. That left me and the girls solo and faced with a decision… ‘Where do we go?’

The decision wasn’t hard. We only had a few days to get away, and we wanted to be sure to go somewhere we could do some fun stuff, chill poolside and take in some epic scenary… so Whistler it was!

The Sea to Sky Highway #FordEdge #FordCanada #ExploreBC #GoFurther
Just one of the amazing vistas you see along the Sea-to-Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler, BC, Canada.

Remembering the main reason for our road-trip was to test drive the new Ford Edge, there was no better way than to drive the Sea-to-Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. This route, made world-famous from the cinematic video aerials from the 2010 Olympic reels, is a must-see for both residents and visitors to the Pacific North West. This small stretch of the TransCanada Highway only spans about 135 km (83 miles) from Downtown Vancouver to Whistler Village, but don’t let the distance fool you. In the words of HelloBC.com, be ready to witness “scenic ocean vistas, soaring mountains, dramatic waterfalls, bustling communities, parks and outdoor activities”.

3 Questions I asked myself after I test drove the Ford Edge Titanium

There’s 3 questions I like to ask myself when experiencing a vehicle for the first time and they have to do with safety, comfort and technology.

Question 1: Is the Ford Edge safe for my family to use?

Knowing my family is safe is paramount and shadows any decisions I make about vehicles. A few unique features really made me feel good to be driving the Ford Edge. These included:

  • the Blind Spot Information System: OK, I admit it’s been a few years since I passed my driver’s test and I don’t check my blind-spot as diligently as I used to. Good thing there’s a feature that does it for me, right? (seriously though, every time I received the notification to check my blind-spot I was cranking my neck to look… the Edge taught me to pay better attention again… thank you Ford)
  • the Lane Keeping System: basically this is the next generation of back seat drivers. The system works to let know the driver of proper lane position. I was startled at first while touring past Squamish and looking at the Chief. I drifted a little outside my lane twice in a row and the Edge, thinking I may be drowsy, displayed a message on the dash telling me to stop and get a coffee. (Hello Starbucks!)
  • the 180-degree camera in the grille: I’m sure this is how Batman feels in the Batmobile. The camera literally gave me the ability to see around corners via the display panel allowing me the ability to make an informed approach.

Question 2: Is the Ford Edge comfortable to ride in (for short and long road trips)?

— Dai Manuel (@daimanuel) April 28, 2016

Huge trunk had more than enough room to lug all our bags and gear. As well, the back seat is Moose-sized. I had to pop in the back to throw on a pair of shorts and was pleasantly surprised by the leg room and comfy seats.

It’s no secret, I’m not usually a fan of back seats period and prefer to drive, but sitting in the back I felt like I was riding in style in a stretch-limo. If only my kids could drive… not!

Question 3: Does the Ford Edge have any technology features that make it ‘cool’ for me and, more importantly, for my kids?

  • Awesome sound system: the 12 speaker Sony sound system is epic! Full Dolby surround and a sub-woofer… it was a party everywhere we drove.
  • SYNC with MyFord Touch: so many options! I could tell the Ford Edge what I needed with either a push of a button on the steering wheel, voice command or via the touch screen on the main console. And best of all, everything synced perfectly with my iPhone 6 – we were even able to use the Spotify app and listen to all our own playlists.
  • All-climate comfort: Vista roof, heated seats up front and in rear… but is best conveyed in the words of my 13-year old, teen daughter, “Dad, air conditioning is awesome, but air-conditioned seats, super awesome!
Me and C on the Sea to Sky highway #fordedge
Me and C on the Sea to Sky highway — thumbs up for the #FordEdge

3 Fun Things to do in Whistler with your Kids

One. Hang by the hotel pool and pizza in your room

If you are planning to stay in Whistler, look no further than the Westin. Nestled in the heart of Whistler village, next to the ski lifts (for winter) and mountain bike downhill park (spring/summer).

The 3 highlights about staying at the Westin Whistler? Full kitchenette in our suite so we could buy and prepare our own food and save on dining out, amazing outdoor and indoor heated pool and hot tub, and a great choice of movies in the room.

Two. SuperFly Ziplines

The Adventure Group‘s SuperFly Ziplines was a definite highlight of our Whistler #FordEdge road-trip. From the time we loaded up on the bus from the village to our last zip line down to base camp, the entire experience was fantastic.

The 4 side-by-side zip-lines located in Whistler mountain wilderness was absolutely breathtaking. The tour over delivered on their website’s promise, ‘Our tour features a newly engineered and revolutionary braking system, West Coast inspired architecture and a network of paths and platforms designed to immerse you in the peace, quiet and freedom of the forest.”

My youngest daughter was blown away by what’s been said to be Canada’s longest zip-line, spanning a kilometer long, over 600 feet high and allowing zip-liners to reach speeds of 100 km an hour – needless to say they were stoked!

Don’t take my word for it. Check out their social channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what everyone else has to say about the epic experience.

Instagram @TAGWhistler & @SuperflyZiplines // Facebook: The Adventure Group & Superfly Ziplines // Twitter: @TAGWhistler & @SuperflyZipline

Three. Escape Whistler!

My kids were most excited for Whistler Escape. If you are new to Escape Rooms, don’t worry, so were we. Venues like Escape Whistler is a real life gaming experience where groups of 2 to 6 people are placed inside a themed room. Once you are locked in the room, you and your group are presented with puzzles, riddles, and clues which you must work together to solve within 45 minutes to “Escape” from the situation you are in.

At Whistler Escape you can choose from 4 themes and immerse yourself into the world they’ve created for you. The website said to “be ready for fun, creative, and interactive obstacles”, and they didn’t lie. My kids were so pumped that immediately finishing the Pirate themed room, they asked if we could book another room. I haven’t seen them that pumped since our last trip to Disneyland.

Want to try your chances at escaping Whistler? Connect with the Escape Whistler team directly by email at INFO@ESCAPEWHISTLER.COM or via Facebook and Twitter.


All in all, my trip away with my girls was incredibly special. I learned that Chardonae and Brie have NO fear of heights (anymore), that they are quicker on their feet than I am, and that they are the most polite, well behaved and thoughtful kids EVER. (Props go out to my wife, Christie!) And, in case you are wondering my final thoughts on the Ford Edge — it’s a sweet ride and my opinion was reaffirmed on the fun and windy drive back to Vancouver.

Whether you’re a parent or not, it’s important to respect how quickly time flies by when we aren’t paying attention. Seek out opportunities to create fun, memorable experiences with those you love. At the end of the day, it isn’t about the days in your life anyway, it’s about the LIFE IN YOUR DAYS. [click here to tweet this!]

Have you had an epic life experience lately?

Please take a moment to reach out to me and share it. I’m always looking to add suggestions to my “life list” and would appreciate your recommendation.