Challenging Our Relationship to Get Back on Track

I recently read a trashy trilogy of a couple who were crazy in lust. It brought me back to the beginning of Dai and my relationship 15 years ago. I use to only spend ‘mindless’ reading (not personal development) time when sipping fresh lime margaritas on a white sandy beach or poolside under sunny blue skies. Which considering the handful of vacations we have had adds up to a handful of books. Either way, I have learned that burying my head in a page turner time to time can be valuable.

I find I escape, I begin to dream or remember previous points in my life. I reflect and find myself wondering about and exploring certain ideas. I sometimes even feel jazzed about my own life and inspired to step up my game.

With my most recent mindless read I was inspired to write Dai a little letter. A challenge I felt like proposing. We chose to share it here, as it may ignite an idea within you to consider a few simple gestures in your own relationship that could significantly impact it in a positive way.

At first it may be awkward depending how far gone the intimate connection is in your home, or it may feel strange to be focusing on such simple ‘tasks’ that seem common sense, but if both parties are on the same mission to elevate your connection, it’s guaranteed to help your connection move toward getting back on track, not to mention if you have kids…the example of love and appreciation for each other is a life lesson worth sharing.

Shall you decide to write your own letter to challenge your own relationship, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to message us anytime. Here’s to getting back on track and stepping up our game of connection!

Dear Dai,

I have no doubt you’re in love with me and I want to thank you for loving me. I know our relationship isn’t exactly what it once was and that can be expected. 

I do have a few simple requests that I believe will impact our day and relationship significantly that if you’re game, I would like us to participate in together. 

The first request seems a no brainer, but after 15 years seems we may take our ability to connect daily for granted, hence my kiss challenge. Each time we engage in each other’s presence, we offer or accept a kiss. Whether it’s on the cheek, neck, lips, wherever, the gesture of love and acknowledgement will be received.  

So each morning, no matter the time, we begin our day with a kiss. Before phones, even before our morning pee. Imagine starting each day connecting with our partner in life, crime, love, parenting, business and fun. In our earlier years we did and my hope, as silly as it may seem, is to reignite the simple pleasures.

When we’re parting for the first time, an intimate gesture of appreciation is shared. When we meet up after being apart, an elevated hello is experienced. When the end of the day is coming to a close, we conclude it with a kiss. 

A kiss can be full of fire and passion, respect and appreciation, a silent connection, such an important yet simple action. 

My second request is to look each other in the eye every day possible and say one thing we appreciate about each other. It doesn’t have to be reciprocated at that very moment, but ensuring the day does not come to a close without sharing. Obviously it doesn’t have to be something new each time, as I know you’ll want to mention how much you love my tinge of ginge moments from time to time. 😉 This gesture may also seem silly or mundane, but each day matters and it will be interesting to be more conscious of each other’s greatness. 

My final request is we commit to a minimum of one solid physical activity together each week. Whether yoga, CrossFit, a hike, or dance class, I am game. Making it a priority is what I would like us to make happen.

Before I sign off I want to sincerely thank you for loving my body and making me always feel confident when we’re together. Knowing my shape, my firmness, my strength and stamina has changed since we first met, I love that you love me just the way I am. Please know I love and appreciate you as you. 

So thank you for loving me unconditionally and I hope the kiss, appreciation and activity challenge interests you as there’s no one else I would rather relish in this remarkable ride of life with. 

So I end with, are you game? 

Love, C