Family Adventure Podcast

What a pleasure to have to the opportunity to share part of our project full-time family and ‘life enhancer’ journey with the Family Adventure Podcast!

Here’s the interview, have a listen and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.

A little back story.

Christie discovered Erik Hemingway and his lovely family in 2014 when she was searching for family travel blogs. Along with The Daily Travel Podcast (now The Travelers) and The Suitcase Entrepreneur, the Family Adventure Podcast (FAP) kept her company to and from her walk to work each day. The courage to think differently, to build the belief and confidence to pursue a life outside of the ‘traditional’ way of living went from pipe dream to reality.

The conversations, with other traveling families, Erik shares include loads of information, tips and tricks, mindset and many situations we can all relate to when it comes to family travel and living life differently.

8 months into our family adventure and to be invited to share our story up to this point is freaking awesome!!! What an honour, thank you again Erik and the Hemingway.

It would be fabulous if you made the time to listen to our Life Enhancer conversation, but we really encourage you to also dive into the other 90 plus interviews The Family Adventure Podcast provides as they were pivotal in our process to embracing our journey.

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