Guard Your Association

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ – Jim Rohn

Whether you agree or disagree with one of the top self help guru’s and motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, or not, the statement makes you think. If you’re one who has ever read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ you most likely recall Robert Kiyosaki’s experience of his two dads. Choosing to learn from the man who had what he desired has made him very successful in life.

Consider your personal situation or past experiences.

A number of years ago we assessed our association. We took a solid look at who and how we were investing our time. We asked ourselves if we were associating with people who added value to our life? Were we spending time with those who had what we desired physically, mentally, relationship wise? Were we proud of who our children were exposed to? Were we the best versions of ourselves we could be? We concluded that one of our family motto’s would be ‘Guard our Association’. Be conscious and aware of who we were spending time with, how we were investing our time, and to really consider the why behind our choices of even what we are listening and watching.

Now we’re not saying you’re no longer allowed to be friends with certain people. We are suggesting you become conscious and aware of your surroundings. What we are exposed to regularly is more powerful than we think. Consider these simple examples…

Going for drinks with friends who only complain about their spouse or job. What about the friends who have no interest in health and you’re always eating or drinking not the greatest choices. Or how about the friends who make fun of or put you down for your healthier choices. The ones you don’t feel comfortable sharing your exciting accomplishments with or really even enjoy being around.

Imagine hanging out with people who enjoyed similar interests you have, hiking, talking business, writing, travelling, cooking, who aspired to have a thriving relationship, who embraced parenting, retirement, and chose to see the glass half full not half empty.

Many of us often don’t even know why we really hang out with some people. Maybe they have been our forever friend, possibly they are family, or we work with them. Being aware of the value they bring to our life is important to acknowledge.


Acknowledging whether we personally are the giver or taker, are the negative Nelly or dumper Dave in the relationship is also important. Striving to be an individual that brings value to the relationship and are making choices that enhance the lives of those we care most about is key. There is truth in law of attraction ‘like attracts like’.

Depending where you are personally at this point, the decision to guard your association may not be an easy one. It was a gradual journey for us. Being more aware and limiting our engagements with specific people because we had other commitments that pulled us in the direction of our goals/dreams definitely made it easier to say no. Trust that those who matter or care most will eventually follow.

Having the courage to move forward, makes you a life changer.