The Day it All Began and Then Some…Loud and Proud

Have you ever finally said something you have internally been saying for ages, OUT LOUD?

Do you remember your body heating up? Tears or goosebumps possibly? Maybe you were shaking with fear or vibrating with joy?

That moment you asked for a raise at work. The time you asked your spouse to spend the rest of your lives together or possibly when you finally said goodbye to a toxic relationship. The announcement to your family and friends you are gay or quitting school to pursue your passion.

You really did it.

The internal dialogue had been released. It was out there. Hopefully you released it loud and proud, confident in your decision, prepared for what happened next, excited for what was ahead. Either way the news was out there, for others to process and hopefully support and encourage you.

Last year was that moment for us. The moment we vocally announced our plan to live life differently. Dai and I had discussed our hopes to travel and explore while our kids were young, to connect with communities around the globe, and spend quality time with family. He had shared his goal with his business partner and I within my evaluation at work, but sharing with our Sunday Funday family made it real.

Prior to releasing the news, it felt more of a pipe dream, were we actually going to do it. Leave our wonderful life and incredible local community, really?

I recall lying in bed after celebrating the Sunday Funday family with a party of about 70 friends, and Dai saying ‘I didn’t think you were really going to tell everyone tonight.’ Then I personally wondered if he wasn’t actually on board.

Oh shite.

Long story short, the wheels were put in motion. August was a big month. Dai was no longer COO of Fitness Town, and I was training my replacement at JOEY. Sunday Funday and Toastmasters had relocated and more leaders were stepping up. The girls were spending quality time out east with Dai’s parents and I had began downsizing. Come September and October we were deep into finalizing Dai’s book. And November involved packing up our life, gifting our belongings, and transitioning our kids out of their school.

December we had officially achieved our dream of ‘living out of suitcases’. Graciously our family has invited us into their homes, which has made the transition extra special. Participating in meal prep, clean up, card games, movies, the heated discussions, the intimate conversations, the emotional high and lows, daily activities, different routines and rules. Getting to immerse ourselves into their day to day versus a weekend vacay here and there has been a unique experience. As very special experience for everyone.

After the winter holidays, we returned to Vancouver to officially launch Dai’s book and say thank you and see you later to friends. We locked up our small storage locker that is housing our boxes of momento’s and a few items (like our vitamixer and gym gear) we just couldn’t quite say goodbye to. We jammed our vehicle with stuff we think we may need and headed south down the I5 toward Seattle, Washington.

Originally our goal was to visit South East Asia (which still is on the list), but considering Dai’s book and both his and Chardonae’s health conditions, we decided to stick to the USA for the first little bit. It was in the best interest of the book release and was familiar and close enough to home while we discovered how life would be on the road with their medications. So far so good!

Considering how our goal of living life differently transpired once we vocally shared our intention, we couldn’t be more confident in encouraging others to get loud about their aspirations, be proud of pursuing their passions and dreams, fear of failure is debilitating in so many ways.

Waiting for everything to be aligned, to be perfect will never come, are you okay with never?

We encourage you to really dig deep and recognize what your heart desires, what concerns you may be having and get clear on what is stopping you or holding you back from pursuing whatever it you want. We believe a life of total awesomeness is available for all. Don’t compare or try to be something you don’t truly want to be. Be proud of who you are and confident in your decisions. Your desire may be something completely different than ours or anyone else’s and that’s freak’n great.

To help you get started, get clear on how you want to be remembered? Write your dash and then get living it now!