Dai and Christie’s dedication to giving, serving and leading others to healthier life long health and fitness, is proven in a plethora of ways; by the people they surround themselves with, the longevity and proof of their legacy, by setting extraordinary examples within their family, their tribe, and their community, and by stepping way outside most peoples comfort zones by changing their life and committing to the goals they have set for themselves full-time. – Tara F.

Dai and Christie are two of the most genuine, positive and inspiring people I know. They encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle and do so inclusively, regardless of a person’s physical ability or fitness level. It’s truly a joy to witness the growth in others due to the support of their family. One thing is for sure – there are not many people like Dai and Christie. – Cheryl M.

Positive influence, friends, caring, generous, on a mission, life enhancers, supportive … Take your pick. Dai and Christie are all of that. Dai first got my attention on social media. I thought this guy practices what he preaches, and that’s a rare attribute these days. My life truly was set on a better path because of their impact and direction. Pay close attention and follow them if you want a healthier, stronger and ultimately richer life experience. It has been an honour to know Dai and Christie as coaches, mentors and friends. – Kayvan K.

Once again, I’m nearing the end of the 60 day #‎WLFM‬ challenge filled with pride in my accomplishments and excitement for what’s to come. The biggest change this round was getting a handle on my food intake and increasing my activity outside of the 15 minutes to an average of 10000 steps a day. My body feels better, my mind is clear, I have tools to deal with stress and uncomfortable feelings AND I’ve figured out what I want to do next. More to come on that soon but I want to thank Dai and Christie for both the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto ‪#‎WLFManifesto‬ and The Life Enhancers “Life by Design” program. I’ve never felt better in my life. When I look back on last August before I started, my mind was mud, my body was injured, and I was going through the motions without understanding why. The changes have been profound. – Sara S.

Dai has already developed an incredible on and offline presence prior to launching The Life Enhancers platform. To visit his personal site and professional testimonials, click here.

Sunday Funday Family
Some of the awesome #SundayFunday supporters after a workout in a downtown Vancouver, Canada park!