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Thank you for your patience and grace.

You may or may not be aware that we officially clicked the publish website button on Christie’s 37th birthday this past Saturday, May 28th, 2016. A two year long vision and still a work in progress, it was time to ‘just ship it’ as Seth Godin says. Put your creativity out there and continue to create. So though it still requires a ton of fine-tuning and we have a number of stories to still post, it is a start. The ‘About’ section will give you some insight into our journey of living life differently and over time our family travels and learning’s will be shared.

We plan to release a ‘Touchbase Tuesday’ newsletter each week. In these weekly emails to the L.E. tribe, we will update you on our whereabouts, include a workout of the week (WoW), aTasty Simple and Nutritious (TSN) recipe, as well we’ll be showcasing other life enhancer’s blogs that we feel add value to our tribe.

So the good news is, if you’re receiving this email that’s because you’re already on the list. If you know anyone who wants to be on the list too, share this link with them: 

And by the way, if you know someone we should showcase, interview, or a good person that we should meet, let us know. We would love to hear from you and connect with your friends. Still to this day, one of our original motto’s remains, ‘sharing, caring and connecting are key.’ You can reach us anytime on social or directly at


With more detailed blog posts to be shared soon, here’s a quick snapshot of our past 6 months.

Since launching #ProjectFullTimeFamiliy, finalizing Dai’s book release, giving away all our belongings, moving our memento’s into storage and giving up our downtown Vancouver condo, we’ve been on the road since December 2015.

December we were fortunate to share in the holidays with Christie’s family in Kelowna. We experienced legit snow (sledding, snowmen, icy sidewalks and of course the beauty of the white blanket across the valley). We had a full Kennedy Christmas with all the siblings, cousins and a majority of the extended family. It was a wonderful way to kick off our #WLFMroadtrip as well as a home-base to mail out the 220 pre-sale signed packages of Dai’s new book The Whole LifeFitness Manifesto which officially launched January 2016.

After celebrating the launch of Dai’s book (click here for a complimentary preview chapter) at RYU Apparel, an intimate event which served as a celebration of one of Dai’s dreams come true, as well as goodbye hugs before we set off south of the border.

January was spent mainly exploring Washington State, the Oregon Coast and the California coastline. Christie’s grandparents place in Palm Springs, California served as a home base for February and March. The ability to have four generations experience life under the same roof is something we will forever cherish.

Come April we began heading north, touching Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Washington before taking the Port Angeles ferry into Victoria, Canada eventually landing back downtown Vancouver.

So we have been based in the Vancouver area since mid April, other than Christie’s three week stint helping Dai’s mom pack up her home in Toronto. Having the ability to connect in real lifewith our Sunday Funday family, some of the WLFM tribe, and experience our local hot spots has been fabulous.


As amazing as our time away was, we really missed the local community. It solidified our thoughts that Vancouver will remain our home-base.

At this time we don’t anticipate international travel until 2017 and with all the sacrifices Chardonae and Brielyn have personally made this past year, we decided to make one of their dreams come true and added a new family member to the Moose Manuel’s.

Spencer, a 3 month old Teddy Bear Yorkie, joined the adventure May 2016. The girls were thrilled and have really stepped up to the plate in taking ownership and caring for their little brother.

So what’s next?

Besides sharing phase one of our #WLFMroadtrip journey in more detail on our blog very soon, we’re preparing phase two to entail our own beautiful country with a little dip into the north east section of the US. We’re pumped to have the opportunity to possibly connect with you in real life, so let us know where you’re at and any chunks of time you don’t plan to be in town, lol.

Thanks again for all the encouragement and support, questions are expected, recommendations are encouraged and connecting with our readers and tribe along the way is our hope.

Here’s to living differently,

Dai, Christie, Chardonae, Brie (and Spencer)