We are Little C & Little B

We’re are Brielyn and Chardonae or C & B. We’re 13 and 11, and we were in grade 5 & 7 at our local school before we ventured out on our #WLFMroadtrip in January 2016.

We are pretty pumped to be exploring with our parents, cause believe it or not, we really enjoy hanging out as a family. Our road trip down the Oregon Coast was pretty special. Though it was windy and stormy at times, we had the spectacular beaches and roadway almost all to ourselves. The Coast Highway of California is uber cool as well!

The Oregon Coast has so many beaches to explore!
Kite flying is a must on the Oregon Coast!
Kite flying is a must on the Oregon Coast!
Southern California
Southern California has some epic sunsets!

We are currently cruising in the back seat of our ‘Moose Mobile’. Comfy, cozy is how we like it. We like to stay hydrated and entertained. Reading is a no go for C, as she deals with a little carsickness, and well B isn’t really interested in reading a whole lot at this time. We really enjoy listening to music and singing (when mom and dad let us), and are excited to possibly do some RV’ing at some point along our travels.

Moose Mobile
Cruising in the Moose Mobile
Bubble Blowing
B blowing bubbles

So far B holds the record for most cartwheels and largest bubble on our travels, but C knows the words to so many songs, we’re not sure anyone can catch her.

Monterey Bay, CA
Monterey Bay pier involved salt water taffy, seals and sunshine
Birch Bay, CA
The Birch Bay Aquarium proved to be a combination of learning and laughs

As you can tell we like to have fun, and a lot of it we have! We’re told we can be quite animated and are very well-behaved. We feel we are a good mix of energy and chill, as we’re up for trying almost anything and also enjoy Minecraft and movies.

Palm Springs, CA
Discovering a local burger joint in downtown Palm Springs was a special treat.

Since we left on our #ProjectFullTimeFamily #WLFMroadtrip, we discovered B has a passion for photography and C continues to strengthen her imagination through play and writing. Learning new languages and how other communities live life also excites us. We both plan to launch a personal blog soon too! Stay tuned for ‘The Cheesey Peanut’ and ‘The Average Travelling Teen’. But our main focus is now ‘The Adventures of CBS’ because we recently added a new member to our crew. A teddy bear yorkie names Spencer. He is so freaking adorable and the perfect road trip dog.

Focusing on the perfect shot as B embraces photography.
Introducing Spencer, the latest addition to the Moose Manuel family.
Introducing Spencer, the latest addition to the Moose Manuel family.
Disney Vault
Trying to open the Downtown Disney vault is a tradition for us.

We have been fortunate to have had two totally awesome trips to Disneyland (first when we were 5 & 7, and then again when we were 8 & 10). Disney is absolutely magical and we have definitely included anything Disney on our dream list. Cruises, theme parks, movies, and even the Disney Vacation Club! So many exciting things to experience and explore in this world and we’re just beginning.

We hope you follow along as we learn and grow. If you have any cool places you suggest we check out, let our parents know. We really miss our friends and school back home, but know we’re very lucky to be living life differently with our mom and dad, and all those who we connect with along the way.

Lovely to meet you! C & B

Spending hours in the water makes us smile from the inside out.