#WLFMroadtrip Phase 2 Kelowna Update

‪#‎WLFMroadtrip‬ Phase 2 Update:

We departed Vancouver July 1 for Kelowna with plans to leave by Wednesday, but we are still in Kelowna. Thankfully the bonus is extra time with family!

Cousin craziness

We wanted to share that things don’t always go as planned, even when you think you have all in order. (and that’s ok) Quick rundown of our past few weeks…

Prior to heading to housesit in North Bend, Washington, we had our X5 fully serviced. Specifically asking about our tires, we were told tires have loads of tread.

A day after our service we received an email notice of a recall service needed and we were able to time it to be done at a different service centre during our 72 hour touch down in Vancouver. The complimentary vehicle inspection informs us our rear wheels must be replaced immediately, steal belts are showing.  We have 3 people look for steal belts, see none showing, but we do notice the inner walls are cracked. Not able to get tires changed, Canada Day weekend, and after speaking with the tire shop we decide we can make it to Kelowna to look into tires on Monday. Thankfully we made it safe and sound to the event Dai was booked to speak at on Saturday morning!

Monday rolls around and we begin our tire search. Kelowna is not the greatest place to locate specialty tires we learned. So my awesome bro-in-law helps us track down the crazy challenging size of tires we required and all was sorted by end of day Thursday. Thank you RW!

We also require Dai and Chardonae’s biologic medication. All seems to be in order for pick up in Kelowna. This week we learn a special authorization is needed before Dai’s can be released. Friday, still no word, BUT…

Cs meds are a go!

Dai’s are still in limbo unless we want to pay $300 a dose every 5 days. Um, hopefully all paperwork gets sorted. (We figured out a back up – yeah!)

AND then this afternoon an engine oil level is too high warning appears on our vehicle. Holy F, lol! So now to sort out the car again. (Jiffy Lube to the rescue. they boys drained .5L and we were good to go)

I definitely had a moment full of emotions, but knowing we are never dealt anything we are not capable of handling and in the grand scheme of the globe, these are minimal issues.

Our attitude is a choice. We are choosing to embrace the now and just do our best. All will work out.

Side note I decided to get bangs…Change up. Thanks for all the support!