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Caring, sharing, and connecting are key!

With over 20 years of customer care experience, entertaining, coaching, and presenting to large groups, retail sales, management, and training, along with a decade of being socially connected online, blogging, parenting, and mentoring, we are confident in a wide range of areas.

2014 #DisneyVacayCA media trip was epic!
2014 #DisneyVacayCA media trip was epic!

If you haven’t already noticed, our family is about FUN, while encompassing fitness, finances, faith, and family. We strive to inspire, and share authentically and organically with our communities, through our daily actions.

EMAIL US directly or complete our CONTACT US FORM if you would like to discuss partnering on:

  • brand exposure for your product or event
  • sharing your service or experience
  • creating customizable campaigns
  • keynote or speaking engagements
  • corporate or group workouts
  • reviewing your establishment
  • freelance writing for your publication or blog
  • coaching or mentoring programs and workshops

If we aren’t personally aligned with a brand, product, message, or are unable to deliver to our personal standard, we will not engage in an agreement, but potentially we know someone who would be a good fit, so totally reach out!

We look forward to connecting!

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