WOW (Workout of Week)

Every Wednesday will involve a WOW (workout of week), where we will post a workout, commit to sharing our personal results on our Facebook page and would love to hear how your WOW goes as well. Every person’s results will be different, this is not a competition, just a way to keep each other accountable and celebrate our commitment to move with purpose. Our philosophy is ‘we may workout on our own, but we’re never alone,’ thanks to the online space we are able to stay connected and feel a sense of community.

If you enjoy the weekly workouts and choose to take it to the next level, we do offer a free 28-day challenge which includes Dai’s Whole Life Fitness Manifesto Power 30 Program via a daily email. Where 30 minutes of your day is dedicated to YOU. 15 minute workout, 5 minute mindfulness and 10 minutes personal development. From there we also have a private online community where people encourage each other daily.

Check back each Wednesday or subscribe for our weekly mail out on the bottom of our HOME page to get your WOW on!

WOW Sample:

15 Minute AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible)
1 round is as follows:
Complete as many reps/rounds as possible, consecutively for 15 minutes.
No judgment, everyone has a starting point, so do your best to keep moving and do each movement to the best of your ability, striving to your limit.