WOW (Workout of Week)

Every Wednesday will involve a WOW (workout of week), where we will post a workout, commit to sharing our personal results on our Facebook page and would love to hear how your WOW goes as well. Every person’s results will be different, this is not a competition, just a way to keep each other accountable … Continued

Tasty Simple Nutritous Recipe Kick Off

If you are looking for tasty, simple, nutritious options that don’t take loads of time to create… You have found some kid and adult approved meals, snacks, treats and beverages (as our site grows)! We are the first to admit, the kitchen is not our favourite place. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate eating tremendously! … Continued

Family Adventure Podcast

What a pleasure to have to the opportunity to share part of our project full-time family and ‘life enhancer’ journey with the Family Adventure Podcast! Here’s the interview, have a listen and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. A little back story. Christie discovered Erik Hemingway and his lovely family … Continued

#WLFMroadtrip Phase 2 Kelowna Update

‪#‎WLFMroadtrip‬ Phase 2 Update: We departed Vancouver July 1 for Kelowna with plans to leave by Wednesday, but we are still in Kelowna. Thankfully the bonus is extra time with family! We wanted to share that things don’t always go as planned, even when you think you have all in order. (and that’s ok) Quick rundown … Continued

Pursuit of Happiness or Pursuit of Me: Why not both!

The waves of emotions still ebb and flow as people continue to reach out with words of encouragement and empathetic comments. It’s been a several weeks since publishing my article, “Seeking a Life Free of Addiction Started with a Choice“, and the messages keep coming. None is more overwhelming than the private messages recounting of … Continued

Newsletter Numero 2

(What to expect with our weekly update emails when you subscribe here) Happy Wednesday!  A couple weeks sure goes by quickly when you’re on the move. This week’s Life Enhancer newsletter is What’s Up Wednesday. 🙂 As our sensational two week house sit in Squamish, BC, came to an end June 1, we were sad … Continued

TSN Burgers

Burgers have become my friend! The majority of my life I have been hesitant to cook burgers at home. Handling raw meat for one, but also the hassle of BBQ’ing (starting it safely, ensuring we don’t burn down the house, and hoping it’s not raining outside – I know I am crazy). But our family … Continued